Prize Wheels and Spin Games are Available In Countertop and Floor Standing Models

Prize wheels are great for use in company parties, tradeshows, employee appreciation, supermarkets and contests!  Some prize wheels enable users to insert your own graphic for customizable prize slots and central signage plate for insertion of your customized graphics, or reward text printed straight from your own computer. Choose from a less exprensive prize wheel such as these dry erase or roulette style games. The promotional spinning displays are sure to build traffic and enhance excitement as it spins! We sell these affordable wheels in fantastic styles and multiple sizes; floor standing, tabletop, mini wheel of fortune and super large sized.

Trade Show Prize WheelsWe offer these prize wheels of fortune in a variety of options to make sure there is one to fit every occasion. We offer floor-standing, mini, as well as super large sized. You can customize by designing your own graphics and inserts. This spin wheel game also allows you to add your company logo or favorite image to an attachable sign holder located in the center of each wheel. These spin wheel games that enable users to insert custom graphics are easy to use and change out prizes. Our free-standing units spin so quickly they can be used by people of all ages. Feel free to change prize inserts as often as you like. It's FUN and SIMPLE!

Where are these custom prize wheels commonly used?
  • Companies use these promotional displays to attract attention at trade shows and other conventions. The noise of the clicker and the roar of the crowd always capture the attention of attendees.
  • A custom prize wheel with inserts is fun to have around the office for giveaways and special events. The excitement of winning gifts is a great way to boost corporate morale.
  • Radio stations and other public media businesses use these game wheels at promotional events.
Are trade show games easy to set up and take down?
  • Many of these units feature a two-piece design; the wheel and the stand.
  • These cheap trade show accessories are extremely simple to assemble, and require no additional tools to put together.
  • One person can easily assemble any of these promotional displays in a matter of a few minutes.


Spin wheelsThere is a large assortment of designs offered here, including tabletop, floor standing, write-on, and wheels with inserts. The countertop units with inserts include template designs that enable users to create personalized giveaways. Businesses can tailor the slots to a specific trade show, or current office event. Other design types include write-on surfaces that can be used to change-out prizes in an instant. This convenient design is ideal for shoppers that are working with a limited budget. There are also cardboard fixtures in both floor standing and table top designs that are so affordable that they could be used on a one-time only basis. One of the biggest concerns when purchasing these giveaway displays is the level of noise, or the "clicking" sound. We have taken this fact into consideration and have labeled each unit with a noise level indication.

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